Within the walls of the historic Waukesha hangar (Works Progress Administration, 1938) you will glimpse the world of early transportation and transportation culture.  You will find artifacts large and small dating from the late 1800s through the 1930s.  Within our greater museum campus you will discover historic buildings that have been restored to their original appearances and represent their original functions.  Two 1930s airplane hangars represent the Golden Age of Aviation.  The Hamilton hangar was produced by the same company that manufactured our Slim’s Garage building.  The Springfield hangar was originally located at an airport near Springfield, Illinois.  Slim’s Garage is a 1930s auto garage that served the town of Green Lake, Wisconsin.  The Sunoco filling station is a mass produced design that was sold to local purveyors by the Sun Oil Company. 

As you walk through the walls of this historic airplane hangar you are invited to step into a time that has past, but one that had a profound impact on our lives today.