Curtiss JN-4D 'Jenny' Project

The Educational opportunity of a lifetime – now complete! Built from scratch, a true-to-life, museum quality, fully operational Jenny – America’s first mass-produced ‘flying machine’!  This project is a collaboration between the Museum’s restoration team and EAA Chapter 1414 members. Our goal with this project is to represent historical aviation for children and adults for years to come.

The Jenny, designed by Glenn Curtiss for the American World War I effort and built in various locations around the United States, was the first mass-produced plane in American history. Following WWI, the ‘Jenny’ was used extensively for barnstorming and served as the mainstay of the fledgling US Air Mail service. It is the aircraft Charles Lindbergh originally used as he flew mail over the vast stretches of Illinois farmland from Chicago to St. Louis.

The project officially began in the fall of 2016, gathering prints, making jigs and fixtures, and laying out the manufacturing schedule. As of June 2017, the team led by EAA and PGAEA member Don Perry has manufactured many of the parts needed for the fuselage, the wings, the emapenauge, gear and tail.

Every school field trip visiting the museum, along with the many daily visitors, get a chance to visit the Restoration Hangar and view the progress. The Jenny Project team members have been wonderful at taking the time to explain the process and involve the students and visitors in questions and answers. This allows the whole process to be part of our educational efforts, not just the finished product.

If you can help financially, the Museum has an ongoing Capital Campaign through which your tax-deductible funds can be donated. All contributions are tax deductible as donations to a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.

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Any donation is appreciated!